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Come to beautiful, historical Gran Canaria to learn Spanish and get a fun, activity-packed holiday too!

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Hi! I’m Cirma, the founder of Trilingua academy. I will be your teacher!

At Trilingua academy, in Gran Canaria, we provide a tailor made intensive Spanish language course with activities.
You will study a couple of hours every morning, so you will have the afternoon and weekends free to join our activities, explore the island and practice a lot of Spanish!
Accommodation, class material and a range of activities are arranged for you so you can relax and just focus on learning and enjoying the experience.
If you are looking for holidays with value, this is your best choice, you will learn and have fun in the process.

Spanish Immersion

All our courses include accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Apart from the lessons you will enjoy at least 5 different guided activities, to explore the island and get to know our culture.

Please note these prices are orientative, depending on your preferences of interacting with other students, lessons hours, etc, they may vary.

The school

Trilingua home academy is in San Mateo, located in a privileged position in the middle of Gran Canaria island. With stunning views of the seaside and the city lights, it’s only 21km away from the capital, Las Palmas.
We also have a small farm, proud to grow many organic vegetables and fruits so you will also enjoy tasty healthy dishes.

How it works

Language immersion is all about fun! Soak yourself in practical and useful lessons and interact with a Spanish family.


You will stay in our house. We provide a double room with balcony, and a triple room. You can come alone, with a partner or with a small group of friends.


Play and learn

Learn the basics of Spanish with dynamic and fun lessons! You will practice Spanish while enjoying the local culture.


Explore the island with our hiking trips, cycling tours, stargazing, and many other cultural plans. Depending on the month, you will enjoy a variety of events.


Get to know more about the vibrant culture of the Canary Islands with the local guides. Enjoy our relaxing lifestyle.

Considering visiting?

Contact us to discuss your ideal visit and we will love to give you more details about the immersion experience. We are looking forward to having you around!

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